A Legacy of 30 Years
PCW's Enduring Impact on Real Estate Landscape

Journey into the extraordinary with Purvanchal Construction Works Private Limited (PCW), renowned for unprecedented glory, quality, and commitment in real estate. Our constructions are artistic creations, upholding top architectural standards.

In 30 years, we've soared to unparalleled heights, well-known for breathtaking projects and timely possessions. Rooted in M/s Purvanchal Enterprises, we are redefining NCR's real estate with innovative housing complexes.

Welcome to our captivating journey of passion and purpose. PCW doesn't just build; we shape dreams, delivering perfection. Together, we've achieved distinction, proving that the journey matters as much as the destination. With roots dating back to the esteemed M/s Purvanchal Enterprises, PCW's story unfolds with passion and purpose.


Genesis and Growth

In 1994, a daring venture was born - Purvanchal Construction Works Private Limited. The decade that followed marked the rise of PCW, penning a tale of extraordinary triumphs and unyielding determination. Our single-minded purpose was to craft grand-scale, state-of-the-art housing complexes and redefine luxury living.

Embracing the Art of Construction

At the heart of our philosophy lies a strategic focus on mass housing, setting us apart in the realm of construction. PCW prides itself on delivering over 50+ state-of-the-art multiplex housing projects in and around Delhi, enchanting our patrons with modern amenities and comfort beyond compare.


Pioneering Excellence

PCW's pursuit of excellence has garnered recognition from esteemed clients such as the Prime Minister's Office, NTPC, RBI, CPWD (Central Public Works Department), DG-MAP (Directorate General of Married Accommodation Project), Ministry of Housing and Urban Affair and more. With international-style apartments tailored to discerning tastes, every PCW home is an embodiment of grace, style, and comfort - a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.


Accomplishments & Milestones

The last decade witnessed a symphony of achievements as we sculpted over three thousand homes and housing complexes, attracting investments of over Rs 400 crore. Our ISO 9001:2000 certification echoes the precision and finesse woven into each project - an assurance of our adherence to global standards.

Carving a Future of Dreams

As the sun sets on the horizon of success, PCW looks forward to an even brighter future. With eyes set on dynamic growth, we aim to achieve a turnover of Rs 250 crores by 2025. Our audacious goal is to become the unrivalled leader in real estate and housing construction, creating homes that resonate with perfection.


Our Promise

At the core of our passion lies one unwavering commitment: to leave an indelible impression on the lives of our clients. Each brick-and-mortar, meticulously placed by PCW, culminates in a beautiful and everlasting abode for cherished and jubilant families.

Join Our Journey

Join hands as we embrace the spirit of innovation, pushing the boundaries of excellence and crafting a future where aspirations become a reality. With Purvanchal Construction Works Private Limited, witness the creation of unique and international standards in the realm of Indian real estate.